MUSIC: Eli-J – I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES | @whitegod001 #RhemaworldRadio

Tweet From his album Insight, gospel music minister Eli-J shares one of the singles titled “I Believe In Miracles”. The song speaks volumes for itself, and just like the title implies, get ready to receive a miracle as you listen to this. DOWNLOAD

MUSIC: ELI- J – SOMEBODY KNOWS | @whitegod001 #RhemaworldRadio

Tweet Eli-J is a seasoned gospel artiste with an amazing voice. His latest studio effort “Somebody Knows (Mr Fix It)” is one of consolation, truth and assurance of God’s love and care for His own. God knows all about your life and the challenges you go through; and He is willing and able to fix it. This song will indeed bless you. Don’t forget to share with your friends as well. DOWNLOAD