Who Do I Become When I Hang Out With You? – Fola Folayan

Tweet I never used to pay much attention before. But about a year ago, i had some friends and something happened that made me re-evaluate that friendship. it made me look inwards and take a hard critical look at myself. I discovered i was changing. I was morphing into a character my environment was creating. I was becoming influenced by the words i was hearing, the attitudes of those i was hanging out with and i had over time, put on a cloak of criticism and condemnation. I didn’t like it. so i stepped away. i kept my distance andRead More

Producer Wilson Joel & Friends Go #OutOnALimb With Irede Foundation, May 1st

TweetProlific producer and song writer Wilson Joel will be joining other personalities to go‘Out on a Limb’ with Irede Foundation on the 1st of May, 2015.