Tweet A life once lived right is a life worth given twice. Because we live in a world full of noise, it is expected for us to at least calm our nerves and listen to what our inner mind wants for us. And there we go, looking to satisfy what our heart desires rather than desiring from our heart what we want to give back to the world because not everybody has that zeal to keep pushing; to keep dreaming. And there comes a man born of a woman who wouldn’t ignore his calling for life nor forsake his dutiesRead More


Tweet If I ask you what a father means to you, what would you say? A person who expects his son to be as good a man as he was meant to be? Or someone who is always there when needed. I have heard the story of good fathers but of a great father, few have I heard. On the first day I walked my foot into the father’s House, I expected it to be one of those religious places to worship but indeed it proved to be more than just a place of worship, it was an abode ofRead More