WORK OUT YOUR SALVATION? (Part 2) #BrotherRansome #iBlessTheDay

Tweet A lot of people have misunderstood and misinterpreted “WORK OUT YOUR SALVATION” to mean “WORK FOR YOUR SALVATION” in Philippians 2: 12 [KJV] What they read is “work out” but what it means to them is “work for”. It is totally different. I once saw things like that many years ago. The word “work out” is the Greek word “katergazomai” which comes from two Greek words “kater” and “gazomai”. “Gazomai” means “TO WORK” and “Kater” means “ACCORDING TO”. If you put it together, you will find out that “WORK OUT” means “TO WORK ACCORDING TO”. We are not “workingRead More

THOUGHTS ON ETERNAL SALVATION (Part 2) #BrotherRansome #iBlessTheDay

Tweet If the captain or the manager of a football team will not suddenly abandon his team of players because they start losing; much more God remains with us even when we grieve him. Some players would never move to another club no matter how much those clubs are offering them. They’ll prefer to end their career where they are than to be named with another club’s name. This is “Marriage” If while we were yet sinners God commended His love towards us, what happens now that we are His? Hebrews 13: 5 [KJV] – “I will never leave youRead More

SCHOOL OF MATURITY AND MINISTRY 2017 SESSION – Register Now!!! | #DearMinister

Tweet With the ongoing deadness of Christian faith in Europe, massive infiltration of Buddism in Asia, and the Islamic terrorism around the world. It is obvious now that the solution is “The Gospel” The answer is “JESUS” At “BRIM”, We ultimately believe that every believer can do the work of the ministry (especially in Prayer, The Word and Soul winning) More work to be done, more places to be reached, more churches to be planted, more ministers to be raised and more missionaries to be sent. But how shall they be sent, if they are not equipped and trained? ThisRead More


Tweet LAGOS GRACE CONVENTION is an annual gathering of believers and leaders in ministry. LGC was birthed in 2015 to usher God’s children into full actualization of their rights and privilege in Christ Jesus, to establish the significance of the glorious gospel of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ and to equip men for an effective work of the ministry. LGC is God’s vision and a master plan orchestrated to gear believers to advance into new territories and fulfill God’s mandate for your life and assignment. It is a glorious time of fellowship and impartation with the man of God BrotherRead More


Tweet SUPERNATURAL EXPERIENCE 2016 is a meeting orchestrated by the HOLY GHOST to cause tremendous changes in lives of many people. God is set to do great and mighty things in this special meeting. Make plans to attend this meeting with Brother Ransome. The blind will see! The lame will walk! The deaf will hear! The dumb will speak! Incurable diseases and sicknesses will disappear instantly! There will be outpouring of the Spirit and ministry gifts. The person of Jesus will be re-reintroduced and unveiled. All in one night of unforgettable and supernatural experience with Brother Ransome. DATE: SUNDAY 6THRead More

THE TESTIMONY OF GOD – #BrotherRansome | #iBlessTheDay

Tweet  “The Testimony of God” is simply when the Lord speaks for himself. If God refuses to speak or hasn’t spoken yet, there is no testimony. It is so wonderful and amazing when we come to church meetings and share what God has done or to testify of His goodness in one area of our lives or the other. I love when testimonies are shared, it’s scriptural and I encourage it always. But there is a higher dimension God is asking me to open your eyes to today. It is when God steps in on your behalf to take charge.Read More


Tweet We have come to that era in the body of Christ where the knowledge of Christ and His Word cannot be overemphasized. People will no longer receive junks and gibberish information. Truth has met with lies and has overtaken it. The person of Jesus is coming alive before their very eyes. Saints are taking their stands and are treading on places where some have dreaded. This is the time of our lives, of our God and of His Christ. “For this cause we also, since the day day we heard it, we do not cease to pray for you,Read More

MUSIC: I WILL BLESS YOU OH LORD (With Epouranics) – Brother Ransome | #Oracion

Tweet This song is one of the beautiful songs I have been singing all my life, and it has become a hallmark of my worship moment both in private and public meetings. So much needs to be done and it will be done by the Spirit, and I pray that God’s Spirit would rest on you and fortify you unto good works Brother Ransome Download, listen and share. DOWNLOAD


Tweet “Oración” is an international prayer ministry of Brother Ransome, an arm of BRIM (Brother Ransome International Ministries) with the vision to intercede and stand in the gap for nations, church, ministries and all men. “Oración” is a platform to birth great works and sustain the awakening in men and set them (especially young ministers and ministries) forth into fulfilling God’s plan for their lives. Brother Ransome has been actively leading believers and groups of believers in an ever widening prayer network for more than a decade and half. He strongly holds on to the mandate given him by theRead More

MUSIC: GRATEFUL – Zita | #BrimeMusic #Grateful

Tweet Brime Music, a recording label and artist management outfit dedicated to raising, training, developing and helping individuals or group of individuals take their place and demonstrate their gifts in the gospel music ministry debuts her foremost song titled “GRATEFUL” with music act “Zita”. “Grateful” is a song that will help you trace memory lane and bring you in introspect of what God has done and set you on course for the new things He is set to do for you. “Grateful is produced by OkaySokey, a Nigerian exceptional gospel music producer. DOWNLOAD We have so many things to beRead More