Tweet LAGOS GRACE CONVENTION is an annual gathering of believers and leaders in ministry. LGC was birthed in 2015 to usher God’s children into full actualization of their rights and privilege in Christ Jesus, to establish the significance of the glorious gospel of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ and to equip men for an effective work of the ministry. LGC is God’s vision and a master plan orchestrated to gear believers to advance into new territories and fulfill God’s mandate for your life and assignment. It is a glorious time of fellowship and impartation with the man of God BrotherRead More


Tweet “Oración” is an international prayer ministry of Brother Ransome, an arm of BRIM (Brother Ransome International Ministries) with the vision to intercede and stand in the gap for nations, church, ministries and all men. “Oración” is a platform to birth great works and sustain the awakening in men and set them (especially young ministers and ministries) forth into fulfilling God’s plan for their lives. Brother Ransome has been actively leading believers and groups of believers in an ever widening prayer network for more than a decade and half. He strongly holds on to the mandate given him by theRead More