Tweet The infilling of the Holy Spirit will not only produce “tongues”, it will also produce “joy”. To be filled with the Holy Spirit is to be filled with joy unspeakable. Whenever there is a full expression of the Holy Spirit; joy will definitely be produced inside the heart, and once this happens; every sense of need will be lost. The word of God must be taught/received well enough until people see their needs met in the word. One of the ways to get God’s word work for you is to get thrilled with it.  Rejoicing over every word ofRead More

Who Do I Become When I Hang Out With You? – Fola Folayan

Tweet I never used to pay much attention before. But about a year ago, i had some friends and something happened that made me re-evaluate that friendship. it made me look inwards and take a hard critical look at myself. I discovered i was changing. I was morphing into a character my environment was creating. I was becoming influenced by the words i was hearing, the attitudes of those i was hanging out with and i had over time, put on a cloak of criticism and condemnation. I didn’t like it. so i stepped away. i kept my distance andRead More