The local church is the most powerful entity on earth today. She’s the only institution that can champion lasting change in society. One of the most beautiful things in the world is seeing a few numbers growing into a strong, vibrant healthy congregation.



The church is called to be the light of the World and the salt of the Earth – a world that’s changing faster than change itself. She exists for a world that barely appreciates her.

It thus becomes imperative that those who steer her (the Church) are both well-grounded in the Word and well trained to engage the ever-changing culture.


This is the very essence of Petra Leadership College – to resource the body of Christ with the next generation of labourers who will usher in the coming of our Lord.

The assignment of the College is clear – labour with the Lord to build His Church, engage the culture to shape and influence it and transform cities and nations. Only the church can do this.

The tools are to achieve this are different- Music, Arts, The Gift of Shepherding…

Traditional approaches don’t solve contemporary challenges. Passion and zeal is never enough. Talent is insufficient. Training is very important.

photo5This isn’t a Bible School. It’s a spiritual boot camp to equip and mobilize the church’s finest labourers ever.

I implore you to sign up. If you have a burning passion to build His Church, shape culture, transform society, sense a call to serve The Lord or you just simply love what you’re reading.

This is the Church’s finest hour. I don’t plan to miss out on the action. Do you?


Students may elect to be trained in any of the following disciplines:

  1. Pastoral Leadership
  2. Worship Music
  3. Creative Art
  4. Campus Missions

Students will also receive lectures in Core Subject areas which is compulsory for all students. (To see an overview of the Discipline & Core Subjects course content, please visit



Petra Leadership College will run only on weekends, with the first stream in 2016 running from January 23rd – March 19th 2016.

There may however be other lecture days fixed in agreement with student’s personal schedules for the discipline courses.


Admission for the January 2016 is currently open. The admission process starts with filling an application form online. To apply, please fill a form at

Registration for the January 2016 stream closes on the 31st of December 2015.



The tuition for Ordinary Certificate in Ministry is N 15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Naira only). This fee covers your admission processing, tuition, core subject manuals, and student handbook.

It excludes fees for the disciplines’ manual. This will have to be paid for separately and is dependent on the discipline applied for.

For more details about the Petra Leadership College, please visit:

For enquiries, please call + 234 701 PETRACC (738 7222) or send a mail to