Rhemaworld Radio has been airing 24 hours a day since 2013, making tremendous impact in the lives of many around the world through inspired messages, live streaming programs and contemporary gospel music.

The vision of Rhemaworld Radio is to “turn many unto righteousness with the gospel of Jesus Christ and equip them through the teaching of the gospel via the airwaves.”

Become one of the “1000 RHEMAWORLD RADIO MONTHLY PARTNERS” to help secure new territories and take the gospel to the ends of the earth via the airwaves.

Your partnership will help us execute the followings:

  1. Ultra Modern Broadcasting Studios in Lagos & Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  2. Unlimited listeners/bandwidth
  3. Rhemaworld Radio Campus 500
  4. Rhemaworld Radio in French, Spanish & Arabic Websites

Modes of Partnership:

  1. One time partnership
  2. Monthly partnership (starting from N1,000 or $5)
  3. Yearly partnership

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Modes of Payment:

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