“Oración” is an international prayer ministry of Brother Ransome, an arm of BRIM (Brother Ransome International Ministries) with the vision to intercede and stand in the gap for nations, church, ministries and all men. “Oración” is a platform to birth great works and sustain the awakening in men and set them (especially young ministers and ministries) forth into fulfilling God’s plan for their lives.

Brother Ransome has been actively leading believers and groups of believers in an ever widening prayer network for more than a decade and half. He strongly holds on to the mandate given him by the Lord in August 1999 “to turn many unto righteousness”. So much much needs to be done in the kingdom and also for the entire human race and the only avenue to accomplish the Lord’s glorious task is through the ministry of Holy Spirit.

Everyone in BRIM has one vision, focus and goal and that is “to turn many unto righteousness” by every available means.  At BRIM, prayer, soul winning and the ministry of the Word coupled with signs and wonders are tools to champion God’s ultimate mandate for us. At BRIM, believers are trained and sent to pray, preach and pay.


“Oración”, a global prayer network debuts on Tuesday 12th July on WhatsApp with the number +2348036976845. This is an avenue where anyone who is willing to pray and intercede with the man of God, Brother Ransome can definitely do so. “Oración” platform welcomes everyone who is willing to implement this great vision with Brother Ransome unto the ends of the earth.

NOTE: All you need to do to become an Oración Partner is to simply send the word “Oración” to the number +2348036976845 on Whatsapp and you will receive prayer broadcasts and notifications on the prayer times, dates, schedules etc.


All schedules, notifications and updates of prayer times and more would be communicated to all subscribed partners of “Oración”.

Visit www.brotherransome.org/oracion for more

“Oración”… A Global Prayer Network.




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