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LEAD SUMMIT is the latest concept created by MindShiftAfrica; a team of Africa’s Leading Mental Transformation agent with the mandate to inspire young people in Africa make the Right Adjustments for Great Advancement through the instrumentality of independent (boxless) thinking.

Lead summit is designed to restore, revive and rejuvenate the lost spirit of leadership in Mankind especially in Africans for Global Exploits and Impacts. (LEAD acronym Learn. Equip. Accelerate. Deploy) Summit is geared towards addressing the issues of Leadership, Governance and Management.

MindShiftAfrica believes that anyone can lead if He/She dares to follow the process because the process determines the product, since it’s no longer a news that in everyman is deposited a seed of Leadership waiting eagerly to be nurtured, cultivated, developed and deployed.

Various Human Behavioural tools ranging from Psychology, Neuro-Science, Emotional Intelligence, Life Coaching, Mentoring and most importantly, the best book of all (the bible) would be deployed by different certified speakers including the Lead Coach and Vision Convener of the Organization Olaleye Rosiji and many others.

The monthly is billed to hold last Sunday of every month with the Maiden Edition on the 22nd of February 2015 at Basic Trust International, Abeokuta, Ogun state. The Audio Recordings of the event would be aired on RhemaWorldRadio and PraiseWorldRadio, the time would be communicated soon to all.

Expected at the event (live and/or recorded) are Professionals, Politicians, Entrepreneurs, Captains of Industries, Students, Artisans, Corporate Workers and everyone that intends for Upward Mobility and Giant Strides.

Lead summit is designed for you. To be Somewhere else is to be Nowhere; If you can’t make the event, do all you can to connect through our Media Partners (Praiseworld Radio and RhemaWorld Radio).

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