Let me tell you what happens when a man is seduced, attracted by a woman or rather falls in love; It all started in the garden; the first time Adam saw a woman, “ He goes Whoa!” – that was the first time he would behold the face, shapes, eyes, hair, lips and the breasts of a woman.

This is what goes on in every man upon meeting his desired kind of woman. Every part of a woman is amazingly remarkable, and God intentionally made it so. I have stumbled at many with my sight either by error, mistake, coincidence and other forces that are, and so have you also.

Nothing seduces a man than the breasts with the exceptions of other official part, that this why it is the most pronounced marketed commodity of a woman’s part. It is now almost an officially endorsed dressing trend, such that you are not complete until you flaunt some cleavages.

Some men are blessed to quickly spot the prettiest girl in a group, office, class, choir, airport etc and while some lack such inherently talent, of which I am not the least. There’s nothing wrong having beautiful women around, but a whole lot can be wrong with our minds wondering around.


Revelation 17 tells us about a woman, she has sold every nation by her whoredom. That same woman was described in the ‘Book of Proverbs’ as one who haunts for the precious life (semen). Almost everybody in all nations have been made to partake of the wrath of her harlotry and Immorality, both great and small, the rich and the poor, man and women, adults and teenagers.
This woman is called ‘Babylon the Great’, the mother of all harlots. She is the habitation of all devils. Watch this! EVERY SEX OUTSIDE MARRIAGE IS SACRIFCED TO BABYLON. She haunts for the precious life (semen) and this is her raw material.
With this ‘precious life’, Babylon is empowered. ‘Babylon the great’ enlarges her borders with immoral sex. The more reason she is using all available means of the media, audios, videos, and pornography to further strengthen her network and penetrate to make many become subjects of her utmost will.
A man can have sex with all the categories of females; from a mother, sister, a friend, wife, niece, a strange woman and even his daughter. I don’t want to begin to mention all kinds of sexual immorality. Whatever brings you outside a wedded platform is immoral. God’s desire for us is to have sex with His presence, with no sense of guilt, condemnation and inferiority.


1. Privacy is the strength of every immoral sin; you need to be in an exponential degree of lunatics to do it in public. Don’t determine to stop, simply flee. Don’t pray about it, run from it. A friend just concluded a long fasting period, he opened the door upon hearing the sound of the knocks, he invited the lady who just came to make use of his utensils to prepare the dinner so he can end the long fast, but they had the other dinner. Don’t pass a night in a female friend’s apartment, you can’t sleep on the same bed with a woman all night and tell me you were practicing the faith-life.

2. Trace the source: It always start in the mind, the number one issue you must deal with is Pornography. A woman is more beautiful when half naked than fully naked. A woman’s shape is more amplified and enhanced with half nakedness. Train your eyes to see different things.

3. Don’t touch that which is covered. Don’t kiss every lip, this is the progression. If you are vulnerable to hugs, stop it. Know your limit, set your boundaries. You may not have the rod to cross that red sea.

4. Whenever I see or meet an attractive lady, I have made up my mind to see the potentials, treasures and the gifts on the inside of her. I have something better than sex to offer any lady that comes my way. With this principle, you will not pre-meditate sex.

5. Renew and fill your mind with God’s word. Read the epistles, Romans, Ephesians, Colossians etc. You cannot spend them and still struggle. Spend time to pray in tongues, if you’re not yet baptized in the Holy Spirit, I can send you a manual via e-mail on how you can receive within 15minutes.

6. This is my scripture; it has worked severally for me and is still does, and it will work for you too. Check it out. JOHN 15:3


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