Just a week into the release of his newest release, Unstoppable, caught up with VaShawn Mitchell to chat about the new album, why he’s not worried about music industry woes and more.

GP: Your new album, Unstoppable, seems to have some pop music elements, at least more than your most recent projects. What informed the musical direction of this album?


VM: I have always been an avid student of music in all its various forms and genres. As the Lord continues to stretch and mature the gift He has given me, it has led me to expand my musical expressions. I am finding that this expansion allows the message to reach a wider variety of audiences and allows them to find themselves in the music.

GP: Unstoppable features guest appearances from some great artists, including Tasha Cobbs, Anthony Brown and Jonathan McReynolds. With tons of friends in the industry, how did you decide on who to include on this particular album?

VM: I am truly honored by the favor God has given me within the gospel music industry over the last 18 years. Each guest on this project is someone whose musical gift I not only believe in, but I am a fan of. For this project, it was simply matching the message with the particular messenger God laid on my heart. Trust me– it was a complete joy working with every person on this project and I am proud that they would partner with me in the release of the sound God has given me for this time. It’s awesome being both a fan and a friend!

GP: How was your approach on Unstoppable different from your previous projects, like Created4This and Triumphant, from a songwriting and thematic standpoint?

VM: I really believe this is the strongest body of music I have every created. As God gave me this music, I found that each song was literally a part of one story… almost like a book with each song representing a chapter that was necessary for the whole story to be told. In the past, I feel God gave me great songs that would impact individual lives, but Unstoppable is really what I’ve been calling the “soundtrack to a movement” that I sense God will use across this nation collectively.

GP: With so many stories of downturns in the music industry, whether as it relates to sales or touring, how are you managing to keep your ministry relevant and current?

VM: I am a firm believer that, since God is a current and relevant God, obedience to Him will keep the music current and relevant. I am seeking, now more than ever, to be completely obedient to Him on this faith journey called “ministry” in an industry that is facing a stormy time. God’s Word rides above the storm and, as long as I stay in step with Him, we will be “successful” according to His definition. I am not really afraid of “unchartered territory” because “He Watches Over Me”… That’s a shameless plug of a song from the record!

GP: Do you have any plans to tour in the coming months? What efforts can fans expect to accompany this release?

VM: We are working on a number of initiatives along with this album that God has placed on my heart. We will be doing a devotional to help people increase their study of God’s word, several activities slated for January surrounding the efforts of Mentoring Month, and a few surprises still up my sleeve. Keep locked to for updates!

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