• Rhemaworld Network is a “24 – Hours Christian Broadcasting Network” with the vision to proclaim THE GOOD NEWS ALWAYS (The Glorious Gospel of The Blessed Lord Jesus Christ), for the discovery, development and demonstration of man’s potentials, igniting and establishing individuals to set up God’s kingdom platform on the earth and for the transformation of our society.
  • We broadcast strictly Christian or Faith-based events. [Church Programs, Music Concerts, Sermons/Messages etc]
  • We also provide live broadcast services for educative and informative events e.g. Business Summit, Leadership Conferences, Career/Capacity Building Seminars etc.
  • All Broadcasts are streamed on RHEMAWORLD NETWORK official website site [] and also on all our mobile apps.
  • We provide quality live audio broadcast presently, but negotiations can be made as well for live video broadcast.


  • The times are changing indeed. You can imagine how just an iPhone5S has more power, intelligence and functions than the first spaceship that landed on the moon. Our world has become so small and gone so mobile now that you can almost control everything in your hands.
  • You can make People, friends, family members, church members, your satellite branch church in a far away location, fans and even strangers aware, informed and also participate in your events and programs anywhere they are in the world just via their mobile devices.
  • Someone who might not be able to attend your event due to any reason, maybe out of town, out of the country, sick, distance, or too tired to come can easily participate and enjoy every moment of your event in the comfort of where they are anywhere in the world.
  • Broadcasting or Live streaming your event gives you a perfect look on the world scene, thereby promoting you for a greater advantage of publicity and recognition outside your local area.
  • Communication and Information has been made much easier which saves you of unnecessary movement, extra cost and charges.
  • You will be reaching a vast number of technology inclined people and several millions of folks that are active on social media.
  • Someone could be inspired, motivated, blessed, saved or even healed in another location or outside country just by tuning in to join your live broadcast.
  • It gives others the opportunity to connect and partner with your ministry, vision, commission and mandate.
  • So many people may not be able attend either within or outside their location, but would have loved to participate and still enjoy the same atmosphere with those people present physically at your event.
  • You can change a lot of things today and let the whole world know what you are doing. This means you are simply going beyond your borders and breaking into new territories. This is one the ways to fulfill The Great Commission Jesus talked about.
  • A whole lot of organizers spend so much on their events, forgetting to carry along their vast listeners or even a single fan who may like to join the event via live streaming/broadcast from the comfort of their locations. You can be an event organizer that will give an executive edge to your event today.
  • Just a hundred or more listeners/audience outside your location or in another country might be all you need to connect or spread your vision for a global platform and give an executive edge to it. Act now!!!