BOOK LUNCH : “PORNOGRAPHY – Coming out of the Closet”



Pornography: Coming out of the Closet is a book to written to add more knowledge to the body of Christ and also more importantly to share revelations on how to disarm the flesh in the fight to overcome pornography and porn addiction.

Pornography is less often talked about and in very hush tones, and not so much light is shown in its direction. This book opens up dark and grey matters on Pornography whilst also providing practical ways to step out of the insidious habit.

The book presents compelling reasons and evidence why you should come out of the closet of pornography. When in a dark place and lost, you don’t subject yourself to pity party. Turning on the Light makes a world of difference.

The book will be formally launched on Sunday, 17th April 2016. It will be available for free online download on the link as from the date stated. The hard print version would also be available on per-order at a cost of N1500.



  • “Pornography: Coming out of the closet” is a masterpiece. I celebrate my friend and partner of the gospel of Jesus Christ, Kunmi Odunoku for allowing God use him to bring a monumental change in people’s lives with this so much needed material. – Brother Ransome, Port Harcourt.
  • If you have an habit or at a cross road in your life or hooked up with pornography, “coming out of the closet” will bless you and give you directions. I will also recommend the book for every home – Christian and other persuasions. – Ayodeji Adekoya, Lagos
  • The book ‘Pornography: coming out of the Closet’ is a voice rising in season. At a time when the moral decadence in the world is worsening, a book like this comes to reinforce our conscience in righteousness and truth. The 21 reasons presented in this book will empower your conscience to come out of the shadows of pornography and all other secret behaviours and live right with God. In this book, God is visiting your conscience. Give yourself that benefit’ – David Bassey, Lagos



Kunmi Odunoku is a passionate minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the coordinator of ceoGospel International, a faith based organization to reach the lost and to bring many sons into glory.

He is a seasoned entrepreneur and he blogs at

For more details on the pre-order, please call 08111777000 or send an email to