TweetSo much life, power and authority are embedded in the believer’s prayer language. The anointing of the Spirit of God is constantly being released, life being dispensed and distributed and the miraculous becoming the order of the day whenever we pray and communicate to God in unknown tongues.  The mind cannot fathom and the senses are too small to grasp the meanings or the contents of the recreated human spirit. Jude 20 [KJV] – But ye beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith praying in the Holy Ghost When we spending quality time in prayer (especially in otherRead More


Tweet“God gives and God takes away” – a statement often used when people lose their loved ones and mostly by priests at funerals. When upheavals or natural disasters befall an area; it is tagged to be an act of God. Job 1: 21 [KJV]: ‘Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return there; the Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord. We speak like Job to find solace and submit to “a God” who sits on a sovereign throne (who gives and takes away), who is in charge of everything and does whateverRead More

MUSIC: Onos – FOREVER YOU GOD (Free Download)

Tweet Nigerian music minister Onos Ariyo has churned out yet another great song titled “Forever You Are God”. This comes off the heels of her recently released third studio album “Songs From The Place of Prayer”. The singer who celebrated her birthday yesterday (October 1) offers this as a birthday gift to her fans – a number in the spirit of gratitude. Produced by Samuel Giveson and Tim Godfrey. Onos Ariyo is a sensational Nigerian singer, wife and lovely mother who is manged by her husband, Kunmi Ariyo. She has won multiple awards, and graced the Nigerian gospel music sceneRead More


TweetThe believer in Christ Jesus has been blessed with the precious gift of the Holy Spirit at salvation. The believer has also been blessed with a prayer language, even if he might not recognize it or speak it forth immediately, but the truth is that he has a prayer language. He does not need to pray to get it; God has actually granted him at salvation. All he needs to do is to stir up the gift of God from within him and there he goes. “For he who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but toRead More


Tweet The Multi-Talented Worship Leader, Songwriter and recording Artiste with “Brime Music” came out with her debut song “BEAUTIFUL” earlier this year which went viral. Cece Kings is back with a brand new single titled ‘BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT’. This piece will stir you up for the precious ministry of the Holy Spirit and also set you on fire for the move of God in the church and in these last days. CONNECT WITH CECE KINGS Facebook : www.facebook.com/iamcecekings Twitter : www.twitter.com/iamcecekings Instagram : www.instagram.com/iamcecekings  


Tweet Eshon Burgundy releases “Nothing Above You” music video, the first single from his upcoming For the Love of Money EP. “Nothing Above You” was written to pay homage to God’s faithfulness. In the song Eshon Burgundy expresses how much he respects God, so much so that he can’t put anything above Him. Even Eshon’s personal desires are no match for the position God holds in his life. To create “Nothing Above You”, Eshon linked up with California based producer Carnegie who also produced a song called “Smoke and Fire” on his recent Billboard charting album The Passover. Video ShotRead More


Tweet A life once lived right is a life worth given twice. Because we live in a world full of noise, it is expected for us to at least calm our nerves and listen to what our inner mind wants for us. And there we go, looking to satisfy what our heart desires rather than desiring from our heart what we want to give back to the world because not everybody has that zeal to keep pushing; to keep dreaming. And there comes a man born of a woman who wouldn’t ignore his calling for life nor forsake his dutiesRead More


Tweet If I ask you what a father means to you, what would you say? A person who expects his son to be as good a man as he was meant to be? Or someone who is always there when needed. I have heard the story of good fathers but of a great father, few have I heard. On the first day I walked my foot into the father’s House, I expected it to be one of those religious places to worship but indeed it proved to be more than just a place of worship, it was an abode ofRead More

MUSIC : Zita – PAID IN FULL (Free Download)

Tweet Zita, a recording artist with Brime Worship debuted her first song in 2016 titled “GRATEFUL”. She has churned out yet another beautiful piece titled “PAID IN FULL”. This brand new song is unique in its rhythm and lyrics and will translate you into an awesome realm of worship and appreciation of what God has done for you in Christ Jesus. This song is actually a testimony of my life – Zita Zita is an anointed soul stirring worship leader and songwriter.

Jekalyn Carr Unveils Her New Website ‘Youwillwin.org’ and a Brand New Single

Tweet   Stellar Award winning, GRAMMY and Billboard Music Award nominated and GMA Dove Award nominee Jekalyn Carr has unveiled her new website Youwillwin.org on the heels of releasing her Billboard Top 15 radio single “You Will Win,” which is available now on iTunes (goo.gl/8v9U6w) and GooglePlay (goo.gl/jbJcW2). On the YouWillWin.org website, fans will be able to post various things and situations that they are winning over. The website will offer You Will Win paraphernalia and receive updates on the You Will Win movement and Jekalyn Carr. Jekalyn Carr’s incredible song, “You Will Win” is the first single off herRead More